Mohawk Indians

Mohawk Indians
   A tribe of the Iroquois confederacy. Their villages stood in the valley of the Mohawk River. From their position as the easternmost of the Iroquois tribes, they came first in contact with both the Dutch and English to the south and the French on the north. They took a leading part in most of the wars between the Iroquois and the French, as well as with other tribes. In the Revolutionary War they sided with the British; and afterwards removed to Canada, settling principally on Grand River, in the Niagara peninsula. See alsoIroquois.
   Index: L Tracy marches against, 53. Ch (Agniers), Iroquois tribe or nation, 50. Dr Join British forces, 88; easily depressed by reverses, 99; Caughnawagas desert at St. Johns, 100. Hd Loath at first to fight against the English colonists, 148; lands allotted to, on Grand River, 258; payment made to, for land, 259; education of, 265. F Attack Hurons on Island of Orleans, 41; Courcelles leads expedition against, 52; Tracy leads a second, 53; expedition against, 331.
   Bib.: Hodge, Handbook of American Indians; Diefendorf, The Historic Mohawk.

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